Q: i'm such a strong liberal, but i've always followed you online and admired your opinion and how you present yourself! i have no problem with you being a republican as you shouldn't be about me being a democrat. we have similar views and everyone should chill about the fact hat you're not afraid to be yourself. <3 you

praise this message! thank you!

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Q: I love you!! I am also an 18 year old conservative, yet people have such extreme ideas of what a republican is that I am constantly being ridiculed by people who believe I am "wrong" and just "repeating what my parents have to say." I was raised as a Catholic republican and I have no shame about that. As I've grown up I've altered my beliefs to suit myself and what I believe is right, so before anyone should judge us they should just take the time to get to know and understand our opinions ❤️

I completely relate to all of this! Thank you for sharing as well :)

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Q: people need to stop giving you shit for having your own beliefs on a popular tumblr website. Just because you are a popular blog does not mean that you have to conform to all of tumblrs views and opinions and I think it's because your such a popular blog that people think they have the right to say what you are/what you stand for... does that make sense?

That made complete sense and I really appreciate this! Because I totally agree.
It’s not weird to be a republican, they are literally everywhere. Why if you voice your opinion, and it’s unpopular to the folk on this site, you’re suddenly a target? People don’t act like that in real life, they shouldn’t project it online either.

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I want to know why it’s so surprising and offensive to find people to be republicans on this website.

Why does everyone always have to be on the defense? I feel comfortable to talk about about my political beliefs, and I shouldn’t have to worry about my “reputation” or “people not liking me anymore.” It’s a very confusing reaction to me, for I have never been in a position of either liking, or disliking, someone solely over their politics.

Little bit about myself:
I’m 18, I eat an excessive amount of Chinese food, I enjoy leaving the house and exploring, I listen to rock music of all eras, my favorite cartoon is King of the Hill so I’m getting Hank tattooed on my foot, i have nipple piercings that make my boobs look 10x cuter (srsly if you’re thinking about it just do it), and my favorite movie is Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

And I’m a Republican, but I also classify myself as a Libertarian.

I am not against LGBTQIA equality. You want to marry? Go ahead. It does not affect me, and I think every U.S. citizen should have equal rights.

You like ganja? cool. smoke it. not my problem.
Other drugs, whether you like them or not, are harmful to your body and I’m not going to get into it.

I believe immigration is positive, but an excessive amount of illegals, 11.7 million, coming in from our borders is just crippling to our country and our system. Yes, the U.S. is a melting pot, but we can’t allow it to be overrun, and crime ridden, by undocumented immigrants, that we then pay our taxes to provide jail time to. Don’t even get me started about our imprisonment system…

I’m a girl. I believe in equal rights and opportunities for women. duh.

I like guns. I don’t like crazy people with guns, though. Gun violence is unreal, but could significantly decrease statistically if more good people had guns. In school and public mass shootings, there would be less casualties if someone with proper gun training and a concealed weapon were present. At age 18, if I can go to war, I should also be able to have a gun for my safety, in the house or in public.

Taxes and welfare and school systems, foreign policies, warfare, etc… I’m pretty conservative about.

Here’s the big one!!
I’m Pro-Life, but it’s a little different, if that makes sense.
I do not believe in abortions after a heartbeat. Once there is a beat, it is then a living thing. Unless the mother is at serious health risk, I do not believe in terminating a pregnancy. Because it is now a living thing, and deserves a chance in life like everyone else. Which shouldn’t be surprising, since I’m also disgusted and appalled by crime and shootings.

So, no, I’m not a gay-hating, racist, bigot. I have my views, you have yours. In the end, we are only supporting what we believe in because we want this country to prosper and we believe it is what is best for everybody.

I just thought it was about time to confront the issue and I hope it does not spark argument or debate, because that was not the purpose. I am not a bad person, the views I have are not bad, and I should not be treated poorly for it. And neither should anyone else.

I remember when this website was a lot more accepting and a lot less aggressive. Ah…

Thank you for reading,

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I’ve done a little bit of traveling these past few weeks and it’s opened my eyes to several things that I feel compelled to write about. Think about this- on planes, we are seated next to complete strangers that we know absolutely nothing about, leaving us with endless opportunities for…

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