laughter-cures: Please PLEASE let me know where you got your Alice in Wonderland costume. I've been looking for one everywhere but yours is perfect and I just don't know where to look.

it’s a child’s costume that I bought at a shop in the Grand Floridian Hotel!

watching-northshore: Are you going to make a new playlist for fall? I hope so!!

yes! a few!

cinder-hellaaa: Do your followers ever recognize you in real life and come up to say hey? I'd imagine it happens every once and a while! You're beautiful by the way, girl! (:

yeah it actually happens quite often, if I go to public places or concerts, I’m usually recognized! not like flocks of people, maybe one or a couple people here and there, but it’s always really cool and super sweet! I’m usually with friends, and they always get a kick out of it. :)

I would always rather be sleeping.
everyone is like “ah I just want to sleep my life away” but I legitimately do.

placentaire: Your playlists don't work? :( When I click on it it goes to the "music" tag on Tumblr

oh oops! i just fixed it!